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I shared the controversial traits of my father. Kennedy Agyapong daughter brags
Kennedy Agyapong’s daughter is seen bragging that she shares the controversial traits of her father.
Geraldine Amoah Christabel Agyapong who is the daughter of the politician and businessman is seen in a video bragging that she is as controversial as her father.
She admitted that her father is a controversial fellow and that she has taken after him.
This was revealed in the “first episode of a new YouTube reality series, The Cedi Life“. It is a show the politician daughter co-hosts with her sister.
Geraldine Amoah Christabel Agyapong is one of the 22 children of the controversial businessman and politician who is now vying to become President.
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Christabel Agyapong is a 23-year-old  daughter of the Assin central law maker.
She is quoted to have said:“Our dad’s name is Kennedy Agyapong, he is a politician in Ghana but also a great businessman. He is a controversial politician at times but I will say that is where I get my energy and my personality from,” she stressed.
The 23 year old is said to be undertaking a course in event planning. She said she had the desire to do events planning in events like weddings.
So what is the cedi Life reality show?
It is a show which features some of the twenty two children of the politician and businessman.
It is also a show where the kids of Kennedy Agyapong also show their lavish lifestyles, jobs and even education.
Watch the video here

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