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How to pass your mathematics course with ease is the desire of everyone. You will need to follow laid down procedure and steps as outlined.

Is Mathematics a difficult subject for you?

Do you really want to get an A in that you mathematics course? Mathematics has become one of the most difficult subject struggle in passing! And I say right here that I have the keys to getting distinction in this course. As I always tell people around me, please get yourself the needed textbook. Then follow these steps below:-

These key steps will be of great help to you.

The first thing to do is to identify the needed chapters or topics you need to covered.

Start from the simplest topics which are usually covered in the first couple chapters and just browse through the notes if there is any.

Next, you then gently go through the example problems, understanding and try writing them down as many times as possible! But do make sure you go through the examples more than twice.

You will need to tackle the problem.

Then you are set to tackle a problem. Start with the first problem assigned because usually those have the basis of the chapter even though they look super easy to you now.

After completing the first 10 problems from the problem set, Pick up another 10 random problems and solve looking at the solution after you solve each problem.

All these being done, now start on the problems assigned by the professor. If no problems are assigned, this is what the “office hours” are meant for!

You then take this action by visiting your tutor

The next special step to take is to fix an appointment with your professor/tutor of the course, take your textbook along with you and ask him or her to assign some problems to you from the textbook and also if he is using any other external books.

Believe it or not, if you do this for each chapter, you are probably going to be the best student in the class and when the exam comes, your distinction grade will be presented to you!

Follow my step and and a step which has worked for many.

I did this and I got a distinction, and I do know other people I orally explained this to, who also got A’s in Mathematics.

So please, do this and go make yourself some A’s!

By Robert

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