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How old is OJ Simpson and is he still alive?

We will determine how old is OJ Simpson and if he is still live?

Who is OJ Simpson?

OJ Simpson was born as Orenthal James Simpson on  July 9, 1947. Nicknamed the  “Juice“, OJ is  an American former football running back, broadcaster, actor, as well as an advertising spokesman.

OJ had a bad company during his teen years as he joined a street gang called the Persian Warriors.

He was arrested and jailed briefly at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center. His gangs life style  took a break after he  met baseball star Willie Mays who advised him to change and he did. OJ attended Galileo High school, where he was in the football team.

He played for USC Trojans and even won the Heisman Trophy during his days at the University of Southern California. Simpson had been tried for the murder of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. of which he was acquitted of the of the murders.

OJ Simpson was later found to be guilty of both murders during a civil trial.

How old is OJ Simpson?

OJ Marked his 75th birthday on 9th July, 2022. He was born on 9th July 1947 and attained 75 years on that date this year.

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 is OJ Simpson still alive?

Simpson who have been accused of robbery, kidnapping and murder was on  December 14, 2021 released from parole early for good behavior. His release  effectively made him a completely free man. OJ Simpson is still alive and kicking.

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