How Franco Harris narrowly missed the retirement of his Steelers number.

Franco Harris narrowly missed the retirement of his Steelers number. We will revealed to you how death has snatched the opportunity for him to witness  the retirement of his  Steelers 32 number.

The retirement of Franco Harris Steelers number.

Franco was a huge figure in national football league. He was first drafted to NFL by the Steelers and became their first round pick of the 1972 NFL draft.

He did not disappoint them as he spent an amazing twelve years of his 14 years at the NFL with them.

Even in his first season with them, Harris was named as the NFL Rookie of the Year .

It was an award which he received from the Sporting News. He also became the NFL Offensive Rookies of the name and it was the Associated press that gave him that recognition.

Franco Harris other record in that first season with the Steelers include gaining an amazing 1055 yards on his 188 carries.

He also earned a 5.6 yards per carry average and his popularity shored especially with the Pittsburg huge Italian-American population.

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This and many more contribution of Harris made the Steelers reluctant in reissuing his 32 number to any player.

They announced in September, 2022 that they will be retiring Harris number in December.

They specifically gave 24th December, 2022 to be the day that  Franco Harris will be given this honour.

It was a day which was chosen carefully as it will also be a day to celebrate his 50th anniversary of the player who was given the name  “Immaculate Reception”.

Franco Harris will be the third player of the Steelers to retire his number.

The retirement of Franco Harris number will make him the third player to have his number retired.

He follows the steps of Ernie Stautner who used to wear number 70 and Joe Greene whose number is 75.


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