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How did Paul Russell help Thomas Cashman in Olivia Pratt-Korbel murder?

We will look at how Paul Russell helped Thomas Cashman during the murder of Olivia Pratt -Korbel.

The death of Olivia Pratt shocked many given the nature and form in which she was killed.

Many are thus happy following the arrest and charging of  the young man who killed her in that barbaric manner.

The 9 year old has since been buried after a parked funeral service which was graced by mourners in “splask of pink”.

It was a way of honour, after the family asked all to have a bit of pink to celebrate  the colour she loved.

Thomas Cashman, 34, who is said to come from from Grenadier Drive, West Derby is the suspect in this case.

He was said to have been arrested by Merseyside Police on Thursday. He was questioned heavily by detectives.

The arrest of Cashman according to Assistant Chief Constable Chris Green, of Merseyside Police, follows how  “relentlessly”  the team had worked in what has been “a complex inquiry, supported by Olivia’s mum and dad and the wider Merseyside community”.

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Thomas Cashman was arrested along with Paul Russell. Russell has been charged with assisting Cashman during the killing of the 9 year old.

So in what way did Paul Russell help Thomas Cashman?

Thomas Cashman was said to have trailed and found Joseph Nee, the man of interest.

He is said to have chased Joseph Nee who had to run for his dear life.

It is possible Thomas Cashman was being driven around by Paul Russell.

We await Monday’s court case to determine more, the nature and form in which Russell assistance to Cashman came.

By Robert

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