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How did Malcolm X died?

Who was Malcolm X?

Malcolm X was an African American muslim Minister and human right activist and he is currently resting in his grave at Ferncliff cemetery.

Call him a controversial figure  and you will not be wrong. He was accused of preaching racism and violence, but was widely celebrated among  African- Americans as well as the Muslim American communities. This was due to his pursuit of racial justice.

Malcolm X was born on 19th May, 1925 as Malcolm Little and later as  Malik el-Shabazz.

Malcolm X was the spokesman for the Nation of Islam until 1964. He also stood as an advocate for Black empowerment as well as the promotion of Islam within the Black community at the time.

Malcolm is said to have spent the greater part of his adolescence life living in a series of foster homes or relatives.

This was after the death of his father and the subsequent hospitalization of his mother.

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Malcolm  X was forced to engaged in many illicit activities. He was eventually arrested and  sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1946 for larceny and breaking and entering.

While in prison Malcolm converted to Islam and taking the name Malcolm X to stand for his unknown African ancestral surname and dishing out the white slavemaster name of Little. When he was released in 1952, he became an active member of the Nation of Islam and its most influential leader.

Who was Malcolm X mother?

How did Malcolm X died?

Malcolm X was assassinated. Wondering how?

Who is Malcolm X Father? Earl Little.

He had hints of his death as he told an interviewer Gordon Parks that Nation of Islam was working to kill him.

Three days later, while he was about to deliver a speech in Manhattan ‘s  Audubon Ballroom made a noise to the effect that “Nigger! Get your hand outta my pocket!”.

Malcolm X and his body guards tried to stop the disturbances and in the process, a man came forward and shot Malcolm X in the chest. The person shot him with sawed-off shotgun and two others joined him and the started firing automatic handguns.

Malcolm X was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital around 3.30 pm, but was pronounced death, a few minutes after they arrived there.

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