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How a Ghanaian restaurant was shutdown for Kamala Harris to have lunch during her visit to Ghana.

A popular restaurant located in Osu in the Capital Of Ghana had to be shut down for US Vice President to have lunch.

The Buka Restaurant is one which is home to African Cuisines had to be shutdown for the Visiting US Vice President to have a taste of what Africa has to offer.

This was planned ahead as Secret service agents were at the place combing it for any security risk.

A screenshot showing Secret Service agents scanning around the Buka restaurant


The restaurant according to information gathered from their website said:

“Buka as it is popularly referred to, was set up to cater especially for the middle-income business community and the discerning international traveller”.

They further added that: “Our restaurant is an evocative description of the excitement and lifestyle of the African landscape. The calm and scenic setting sets the tone, and a taste of our meals completes the enthralling Buka culinary experience”.

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So the next time you visit Ghana, you know where to go and eat. Well, the restaurant may not be shutdown for you, but you will enjoy the taste of African Cuisines.

By Robert

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