How a five year old was killed by a Snake while playing hide and seek

The story of how a five year old was killed by snake while playing hide and seek is  pathetic. The sad incident happened in India specifically in the Bihar area. She was rushed to a hospital by name North Dinajpur Hospital, it was too late for the doctors at the facility to help her.

How a five year old was killed by a Snake while playing hide and seek

The five-year-old girl died after she was bitten by a snake while she was playing hide and seek.

Hide and seek is a universal game played by most children, where one person goes to hide and the other go round looking for him/her. The children takes turns in the hiding as well as the act of going round to look for the one who is hiding.

The incident reported happened in the home  as the child was playing in her dad’s house.The dangerous reptile might have been threatened by the child’s presence and attacked her.

Forty  other snakes were found at where the five year old was killed by the Snake

As many as forty snakes were discovered at the place where the incident happened and this is according to local reports. The  wild snakes were gathered into sacks and containers for removal, with a large audience gathering to watch.

Late Paul Duncan body will be donated.

Local reports had that the  snakes were later release into a near by forest.

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