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‘Hide your husbands because we are coming home’ – SHS students warn [Watch]

SHS students who are supposed to be learning are warning married women”hide  your husbands because we are coming home”. In a video message which was shared online, a group of female students are seen issuing the warning.

The students who are five in number spoke together urging married women to either hide their husbands or they will snatch them away.

It is likely these are final year students based on how bushy their hair are. It is just a few months to the exams and the best way for these students to spend their time is to think about what they will be doing after school.

They further added that “Wives, please hide your husbands because we the high school girls are about to return home for our holidays,” the students said.

Although they did not give reasons for their caution, many believe it is because the students’ objective is to snatch husbands.

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Many social media users are reacting to the viral video. While others are praising them, others are condemning what has become the order of the day with these innocent girls falling prey to it.

it is now like all that is left of life is showing nudity  for fame and money.

Please watch the video below.

By Robert

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