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Girl injects herself with boyfriend’s HIV-positive blood “to prove her love”

Love they say is blind, but that is what a 15-year-old girl has  done in India.

The 15 year old left many dumbfounded with her bizarre way of proving her love to her boyfriend who is an HIV-positive.

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The young girl injecting herself with her boyfriend HIV infected blood. So shocking!! Is it not?

The  girl who is not named  is said to have injected herself with her boyfriend’s blood. This she did knowing fully well that her boyfriend was HIV-positive.

The news which went viral last week has put the nation of India into shock and indignation.

The 15 year old girl is reported to have come from  Suwal Kuchchi, a village in Assam, India.

She originally meet her boyfriend from Facebook and they pair have been together for three years.

The girl tried another method of proving her love for her boyfriend who is from Hajo in India and maybe to let her parents leave them alone.

She did this by allegedly using a syringe to inject herself with his HIV-infected blood, knowing the risks she was exposing herself to.

It is not clear if her supposed boyfriend was aware of her intentions.

The local police in Hajo has already detained the girl’s boyfriend. This was after the 15 year old parents filed a complaint against him.

Meanwhile, the girl  is currently being monitored by doctors in a health facility.

By Robert

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