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Ghanaians are skipping meals in order to stay afloat

Ghanaians are skipping meals in order to stay afloat.This sterns from media reports and every day interaction with people.

There is no doubt that there is economic hardships in Ghana. Officialdom have unwillingly admitted to the current situation in the country.

The situation is getting worst by the day. Things get aggravated by the rampant and frequent increases in the prices of things in the country.

From building materials to household consumables, things seems to be moving beyond the reach of the ordinary man.

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This has compelled many to adapt to new ways to survive. Chinua Achebe puts it this way”things are falling apart and the center cannot hold”

The days of budgeting are long gone. This is because inflation seems to run beyond planning.

Ghanaians are skipping meals in order to stay afloat

However, men and women must put body and soul together.

To borrow Achebe’s words again.”if the hunter learns to shoot without missing, the birds will surely fly without perching”.

Many Ghanaian are flying without perching, so to speak. They are skipping meals to stay afloat. It is now 1  0  1 or 0  0  1. The first means breakfast, no lunch and then supper. While the 0  0 1 means no breakfast and lunch, only supper.

If yours and your family is 1  1  1, then you must be lucky and should be thanking God for it.

We can only hope that God gives us a bumper harvest this year and touches the heart of the Russian President to stop the Ukraine war.

At least this is what  our elected leaders are telling us, and if God answers us in these two things, then life can return to what has been described as normalcy.


By Robert

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