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The Ghana Education Service(ges) has given a date for the commencement of training for teachers on the one teacher, one laptop policy. This, according to them, is to equip the teachers to make good use of the online resources that come with the policy.

This is after what was supposed to be virtual training for those who chose to be trained online. The services have given a date of May 16, 2022. To encourage attendance and to put fear in teachers, the service says points will be given for those who will be attending.

Bawumia and Edication Minister displaying the teachers laptop

The points to be given are for continuous professional development (CPD). As part of the licensing of teachers, they will be required to build points that will be used as part of their promotions in the future.

The training, according to the secular, will be for the five regions of the north, and it will be done across the reasons on the said date.

The letter is addressed to the regional directors of the five regions for further distribution to the districts and, subsequently, to the schools. The training is for both junior high and senior high school teachers.

It is not clear if there will be another training for the primary and Pre-school teachers.

Who is to do the training for the teachers?

The secular indicates that the training will be done by teachers who have been trained by KAT and will be supervised by KAT.

If you are a teacher, then you should mark  that date on your calendar and never miss it.

It will give you the chance to get a certificate and earn points for your CPD as well.

Venue for the training

The venue for the training has not been communicated. But,given the numbers involved, it is possible it be will be done on district basis.

Click here to read the secular.

By Robert

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