Fully Funded Government scholarships that have deadlines in March-April,2023. Apply now.

Government scholarships with deadlines in March-April.

Fully funded Government scholarships are one that most students always look out for. In this post we will be telling you more about Fully funded government scholarships that have deadlines in March-April,2023.

Fully Funded government scholarships that have deadlines in March-April,2023.

These are government scholarships that have different deadlines in March-April, 2023.

The good news is that these scholarships are in different countries that gives you the convenience and luxury to choose from many options.

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Most Government scholarships are fully funded scholarships and comes with benefits such as the following under-listed ones:

Government scholarships cover  full tuition fees or partial/discounted fees.

You also get accommodation coverage, travel allowances as well as medical insurance too.

Government scholarships also offer living stipends, educational materials cost coverage as well as Airfare tickets coverage.

Now the first government scholarship that have its deadline in March-April,2023 is the

Royal Thai Government Scholarships

This scholarships is for masters and Doctoral degrees. It is a fully funded government scholarship from the government of Thailand.

Their requirement is indicated below. Applicants have to meet the following:

“To be eligible for the Royal Thai Government Scholarships 2023: Applicants must have an outstanding education record in a 4-year undergraduate program and 2-year master’s program from an accredited institution in related fields. Applicants must have cGPA ≥ 3.5″

 Government of Canada Scholarships:

The next type of scholarship have deadlines approaching soon is the Government of Canada scholarships.

These scholarships are for all levels covering the Undergraduates, masters and doctoral degrees.

The are mostly for non-Canadian students. You can check these scholarships through this link.

Shanghai Government Scholarships

The next government scholarships to look out for is the Shanghai government scholarships.

These are China Scholarships for Council Government. These scholarships have been categorized into two. With the first category being fully funded and the second being partially funded.

It is worthy to note that both categories cover that of tuition fees. The last date for this scholarship is 31st March,2023.

These scholarships can be taken in 34 universities.

Poland Government Scholarships

You may want to check the Government of Poland scholarships. They are for masters degrees and come long with many benefits. The deadline for this scholarships is 31st March,2023.

Mauritius Government Scholarships

The government of Mauritius scholarship is in Africa. They come with different levels of degree programs.

Apply for the Mauritius government scholarships through this link.

The requirement are that the applicant should be from an African Union country and must also meet the specific level requirements. The scholarships are for all levels such as undergraduate, masters and PHD.

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