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The Germany KAAD scholarships are opened for the 2023/24 academic year. It is a prestigious scholarship which is sought after. In this post we will tell you about this scholarship and guide you how to start and finish successfully.

What are Germany KAAD Scholarships?

It stands for the Catholic Academic Exchange Service. It is a scholarship scheme from the Catholic Church in Germany for post Graduate students and Scientist mostly from developing countries.

The continents that qualify for these scholarships are mostly from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin American. Eastern and Western European countries are equally qualified to apply.

Their offer is mostly in the form of scholarships and educational programs. They also offer spiritual and personal assistance with the view of helping students who will have a multiplier effect when they return to their respective countries.

When was the Germany KAAD Scholarships opened and when will it be closed?

The opening date for the Germany KAAD scholarships was 5th March,2023 and it is expected to end on 30th June,2023.

The category of the scholarship is Germany scholarships and the type of scholarship is fully funded.

The location of the scholarship is in Germany and the deadline is 30th June,2023.

What the nature of the Germany KAAD scholarships?

The scholarships has been put into three. They are  Scholarship programme 1, Scholarship programme 2 and KAAD Eastern Eruope Programme.

What is the KAAD Scholarship programme 1?

According to KAAD, it  “comprises the Invitation Programme in cooperation with the focus countries and is aimed at postgraduates and persons with proven professional experience who are usually invited to Germany for postgraduate studies or research stays”.

However for the In-country programme which is for Master studies in the candidate’s home country, 15 locations  have been identified. The locations are in eight countries namely Ethiopia, Ghana, Guetemala, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Peru and Zimbabwe.

There is what is called “Third-country programme which is also for the Master’s studies. Its location is in a selected third country. An example of this type of scholarship is the one which is in Bangkok in Thailand and it is for students from Myanmar.

KAAD added that third country scholarships  also exist for students in other countries like those in Syria which can study in Lebanon and Jordan.

The KAAD Scholarship Programme 2 is to “supports students from countries of the Global South who are already studying for their PhD or Master’s degree in Germany. The Catholic University Chaplaincies have the right to propose suitable applicants”.

The other one which should have been Scholarship Programme 3 is the  KAAD Eastern Europe Programme.

What is that? According to KAAD, it is in “cooperation with the partner committees – PhD and Master’s programmes, as well as shorter study and research stays in Germany”.

GErmany KAAD Scholarships

So who can apply for KAAD Scholarships?

The question of who is qualified to apply depends on which of the Germany KAAD scholarships programmes that you are choosing.

IF you are with the scholarship Programme 1 as enumerated above, then you must meet the following criteria as enumerated below.

They are that:

  • “come from and currently reside in a developing or emerging country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America,
  • have a university degree and professional experience in your home country
  • would like to pursue a Master’s degree, a PhD or other postgraduate studies, or are planning a post-doc or a research stay (2-6 months for academics) at a German university
  • are of Catholic denomination (or generally belong to a Christian denomination, especially for applicants from the Near and Middle East). Applicants of another religion can be funded if they are proposed by Catholic partners in view of a documentable willingness to engage in interreligious dialogue.
  • have German language skills prior to entry (KAAD can provide for a German language course of max. 6 months in Germany)”.

If you choose to apply through the KAAD Scholarship programme 2, then you should check the following as applications requirement.  They are that: you should:

  • “come from a developing or emerging country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America.
  • are already studying in Germany and have at least 10 months of study remaining.
  • would like to pursue a Master’s degree (application possible in the final semesters of the Bachelor’s degree), a Diplom or Magister degree (application at the earliest after the intermediate examination or Vordiplom) or a PhD at a German higher education institution.
  • are of Catholic denomination (or belong to a Christian denomination, which applies especially for students from the Near and Middle East). Applicants from another religion can be supported if they are proposed by Catholic partners in view of a documentable willingness to engage in interreligious dialogue.
  • have knowledge of the German language at least at a communication level”.

The requirement for those who want to apply though the KAAD Eastern Eruope Programme is that the applicant should be from “all countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus and of Catholic denomination (in exceptional cases also of another Christian denomination, provided they are proposed by Catholic partners”.

They also added that you can apply “exclusively through the Catholic University Chaplaincies (KHG or KSG)” or that you can also apply at your university location.

It must be noted that you cannot apply directly to KAAD.

What KAAD expect from their applicants?

Before you apply, you may like to know what they expect from you.

This will inform whether you can fit into their requirements or not.

Germany KAAD Scholarships expect the following from you,especially those in the Scholarships programme1. That you should be:

  • “an above-average performance potential for studies or research,
  • orientation of studies or research towards a permanent reintegration into the respective home region (otherwise the scholarship is considered a loan),
  • religious and social commitment or willingness to engage in inter-religious dialogue
  • German language skills of at least level B1 (or at least A2 in the case of English-language degree programmes) for participation in our compulsory educational programme. Preparatory German courses in the home country are expected. In addition, there is the possibility to apply for a language course (full-time or during studies).
  • Already leaving in Germany”.

What are the application processes?

1.You will need to go to the KAAD scholarship website to download the application documents.

2.You will need to fill out all places which are mandatory for you.

3.You will then attach all documents that have been requested.

4. You will be given a questionnaire which you will need to respond too. It must be submitted too.

What are the documents that are required for KAAD Scholarships?

The following documents will need to be attached to your applications.

1. Complete set of degree certificates and their academic transcripts.

2.A scholarship application resume. (very Important).

3. A copy of a valid passport.

4. Scholarship CV and a strong cover letter.

5. The study plan is one other document that will be needed.

6.  An exciting Recommendations letter/s.

7.A letter of motivation explaining why you think you are the right candidate.

8. Statement of purpose.

9. Finally a letter of intent.

These documents are very important and must be ready before you start your application process.

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