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Fix Bolgatanga traffic lights now,residents demand

“Fix Bolgatanga traffic lights now,” residents demand from their leaders.

The residents of Bolgatanga in the Upper East region of Ghana are demanding their elected officers to fix their traffic lights.

There are eight traffic lights in the capital town of the Upper East region, and only three out of the eight are functioning now. Those traffic lights that are functioning include the Library Junction, the main station and the regional police station. The SSNIT junction traffic light has gone off for a month now.

“Fix Bolgatanga traffic lights now”

A death was recorded due to non-functioning traffic lights.

It is always the case that when traffic lights are not working, the number of accidents increases. This has resulted in the instant killing of a girl at the SSNIT traffic light on Wednesday, June 15,2022. She, who is around thirteen years old, was on her way to school with her brother. They were moving with a bicycle and got to three traffic lights. A driver who saw the children stopped for them to pass, but an ambulance who was on top speed overtook the car that had stopped for the children to pass and knocked the children down.

The girl died instantly, but the brother only sustained minor injuries. The death of this innocent girl could have been avoided if the traffic lights were functioning.

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Promise by the regional minister.

In November 2021, the regional Minister stated that he would work around the clock to repair the traffic lights.It is seven months since that time and the clock of the regional Minister is still ticking. We still don’t know when this will be over.

The regional hospital junction is a dangerous one, and the installation of the traffic light at that point was a welcome news. However, it has been months since that traffic light went off, and part of it has even been destroyed.

We are waiting for more lives to be lost so that the big men of the region will come back promising again with big words.

We join the residents of Bolgatanga to demand that the traffic lights be fixed now.

#Fix Bolgatanga traffic lights now.

By Robert

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