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Fear gripped teachers in Talensi as 10 of them died within 5 months.

Fear gripped teachers in Talensi as ten of them died within five months. The high number of deaths of teachers in the district is also raising eyebrows among the chalk fraternity.

This was revealed by the Bolgatanga Secretary of the National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Mr. Martin Ajono Adonis.

The revelation came on a radio programme on Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio as part of activities marking the 2022 World Teachers’ Day.

He said the deaths raised concern about the health status of members of the association.

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“The rate at which our members, the health status of our members in the district is too alarming, and then the rate of death is too alarming. That is why our current Regional Chairman took it as a necessity because in Talensi we recorded (ten) 10 teacher deaths in five (5). ”

He said the association is partnering with the Ghana Health Service to institute a mobile clinic.

This, he said, is aimed at intensifying health education among its members.

“As a result, the regional GNAT Chairman, in consultation with the regional Secretary and the Council, decided that we needed to take action.”If ten (10) teachers can die in just one local within five (5) months, that’s something. So the region has instituted what we call “Mobile Clinics,” where we want to do health education in partnership with the Ghana Health Service”.

He also spoke about what GNAT is doing at the national level. He said : “We have acquired the Ghana Sweden Cancer Center. That means that any GNAT member who has cancer will go there free of charge. We were a partnership with the government, but now we have acquired it. So any GNAT member, you and your spouse, as well as your two dependents, are exempt. So, under no circumstances should a GNAT member die of cancer”.

By Robert

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