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Family had their £800k family home & FIVE cars "graffitied" by yobs in a mystery vendetta gone wrong

An Essex family had their £800k family home & FIVE cars “graffitied”. The family could not believe what they woke up to see. The Joneses family discovered that their home, a detached 4 bed room house which is located in

Billericay in Essex,  had been daubed. That is not all, their five cars which are made up of Audis and Range Rover were not sparred either.

The family believe that this attack might be a “vendetta gone wrong”. The tyres to their cars were destroyed too.

The Jones' home and cars were vandalised at the weekend

The unfortunate family had all of its external walls covered with the sprayed paint.

How did the yobs do this without being captured by CCTV?

The people behind this vicious attack began their attack by first spraying the CCTV of the house after disabling it.

The people used red paint in the attack which had neighbours even shocked over the incident.

Family had their £800k family home & FIVE cars "graffitied" by yobs in a mystery vendetta gone wrong
Image Source:TheSun

Who are the Joneses family who suffered this attack?

Their daughter who is 25 years old spoke about her family.

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Sophie Jones said the family house is 31 years old.

She said her parents are retired and have lived peacefully in the house.

“My parents are retired and have lived at their home for 31 years trouble-free and have had no disputes whatsoever. We have now had to get extra security.

“We are even scared to sleep because we feel like people are watching us.”

Sophie also thought their property was wrongly targeted: “This is a family home that has been wrongly targeted as some sort of vendetta.

“My family home has been vandalised, with every tyre of five cars slashed, and graffiti all over the house and cars.

“We are devastated that anyone could do this. The whole family is still in shock at how someone could be so evil for no reason at all.

“It has completely shaken us all up.”

Simon Jones is the father of Sophia and owner of the property. He is a 61 year old man and  seem to be heart broken about the incident.

He said:  “I’ve no idea how much money it’ll cost to repair the damage.

“The house has to be painted but I’ve no clue how much it’ll cost. They stabbed 13 tyres.

“There’s no footage or anything. In Billericay on Sunday there was lots of damage to various properties with pink paint.

“Last night four shop front windows were smashed through. There’s clearly a problem around here.”

The family are said to have beefed up security following the attack.

Police response to the attack?

 The attack which happened around 2.30am, was reported to the police the next morning. Police are said to be ditching the investigation. They blame what they called “lack of positive lines of enquiry”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We were called shortly before 10am on Sunday, following reports of criminal damage at a property in Billericay.

“Following a review, this investigation has now been filed due to a lack of positive lines of enquiry.

“Should more information come forward, it could be subject to further review.”

By Robert

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