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See what Ezekiel Kelly ate before embarking on his Memphis shooting spree.

Ezekiel Kelly has appeared in court for the first time following his Memphis shooting spree.

He appeared  before a judge on Friday morning on a charge of opening fire in what has been described as a string of deadly shootings, portion of which has been captured on video.

Ezekiel Kelly appeared in dark colored blue jumpsuit issued from jail with a face mask to match.

He spoke briefly as he told Judge Karen Massey that he understands he is supposed to have an attorney.

Kelly who was looking serious said he did not have any questions when he was asked if he had any question.

He was being represented by a public defender by name Jennifer Case.

The judge during Kelly appearance acknowledged that the death penalty is possible.

The jurist scheduled a motion hearing on 13th September, after a case gag order was requested.

Kelly, who have been imprisoned before and knows the procedure did not enter a plea.

No bond was  also set during the hearing with the District Attorney Steve Mulroy indicating that additional charges against the defendant was likely to come.

Ezekiel Kelly appears in court as livestream massacre caught on surveillance video


Mulroy added and acknowledged the “concerned” of the pubic on the case.

“They’re concerned about a horrible week we’ve had here in Memphis.”

Mulroy who was recently elected continue

“We understand how the public feels and we want to reassure the public that we and law enforcement are working around the clock on these cases to prevent things like this from happening in the future.”

Ezekiel Kelly appears in court as livestream massacre caught on surveillance video

Surveillance video  allegedly obtained  by Fox News Digital showed  the moments Ezekiel Kelly pulled up  at the Memphis AutoZone store. He is heard opening fire on a random victim  as children are seen  playing just a few yards away.

“You think I’m playing,” he can be heard as he opens the front door. “This s— is so real, my God.”

You can watch the surveillance video when you click this link.

By Robert

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