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Documents you need at the various banks to update your Ghana Card.

31st July, 2022 is the deadline that every bank customer must update their bank records with their Ghana card. The banks have indicated that by that date, if you don’t have your Ghana card, then you cannot transact any business with them. Since we cannot live without money and the banks are mostly the only source of money after mobile money. It is very important that we take this deadline serious so that you are not caught unaware especially when you are at your wits end.

Documents you need at the various banks to update your Ghana Card.

I will walk you through the documents  you will need at the various banks to update your Ghana card successfully.

Ghana Commercial Bank.

Most people think, it is easy as just walking in with your Ghana Card and within 5 minutes, you are done. If you are one of them, then you must be revising your notes.

At GCB, you will be required to fill a three page document. The details of the form include your bank details like account number, account name and branch. There is a portion for personal details like marital status, number of dependents, education level, profession, SSNIT number, TIN , phone number among others.

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There is a part where you are required to supply your residential address.

You will be asked about your residential address, nearest land mark, city or town, municipality or district and title to residence( whether for you or you are renting).

There is also a requirement for your employment details like your employer, number of years you have worked with your employer and his or her address and your valid means of identification.

Other documents needed at the various banks to update your Ghana Card.

You will be required to add, the following after filing your form

a) A photocopy of your Ghana Card( Front and back)

b) A photocopy of water or light bill

c) One passport picture.

National Investment bank

At the NIB, there is also a requirement of one to add your new voter’s card in addition to the three items listed above.

Fidelity Bank

The story is completely different at Fidelity Bank and is less stressful. You can simplify use your phone for the process. You many need assistance from time to time and their staff are readily available to help you.

In conclusion, you are to go along with a passport picture, Ghana Card  and its photocopy, a photocopy of your utility bill and you will be sorted.

Even if your bank may not need all of them, it is better to go prepared, than having to rush home again to get the needed documents for the update.

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By Robert

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