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DJ Alex Belfield found guilty of stalking Jeremy Vine and other stars

DJ Alex Belfield has been found guilty of stalking Jeremy Vine.  The former BBC DJ was  guilty of four stalking charges against his fellow broadcasters like Jeremy Vine and others.

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The decision was reached today by the jury who started their deliberations on Tuesday. This occurred at Nottingham court where the verdict was given.

Belfield of YouTube radio who said he is a whistle blower gave evidence last week in which he indicated in his closing speech that he has seen two and half years of his life in what he described as “torn apart” by police inquiries.

Belfield is alleged by prosecutors  to have used  mediums like social media messages, videos and emails to cause intentional harm  celebrity broadcasters like  Jeremy Vine and others at Channel 5.

Ex-BBC presenter Alex Belfield arrives at Nottingham Crown Court

Jeremy Vine who was affected by Belfield stalking said in his evidence that, Belfield’s campaign was as he puts it an abuse of “the Jimmy Savile of trolling”.

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Mr Vine said he recalled reading a post from a blog that had been written by another of the alleged victims, theatre critic Philip Dehany.

“What I admired about him is instead of running away, Dehany logged everything, and he put it in a blog.”

Jeremy Vine arriving at court

“And as I read this blog I realised for the first time we are dealing with serious criminality. This is not a regular troll here, this is the Jimmy Savile of trolling.”

Mr. Vine who said he feared for his family as the trolling campaign lead by the YouTuber can lead to knife or acid attacks on his family members

Vine a BBC Radio 2 presenter broke down in tears as he described the situation an  “avalanche of hatred”  deliberately  unleashed on his person by Alex Belfield.

The broadcaster showed a photo of Belfield halfway into his case that he (Belfield)  turned up on his doorstep and warned his daughters about the threat.

Jeremy Vine indicated that the alleged stalking by Beilfield is “serious criminality” and that watching the videos was “like swimming in sewage”.

He further described how he was stalked by someone before, but quickly added that  was “a picnic compared” to Belfield’s alleged harassment.

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