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Did you know that Darius Campbell changed his name back to Danesh to honour dad

It has emerged that the Pop Idol star DARIUS Campbell  changed his surname back to Danesh. He did this to honour his dad on Father’s Day.

The famous Pop Idol star made the switch after changing it in 2010 in  tribute to his grandad.

What a a gracious soul?

Darius Campbell who is from Glasgow but was based in Hollywood where he was working on his movie business, said: “My father is my No1 hero.

Did Natasha Henstridge remarry? Who is Darius Campbell former wife’s new husband?

“He was very generous when I changed my name to Campbell for my maternal grandfather after I buried him

“I wanted people to know I was proud of my Scottish roots and still am, but it’s time to change back.”

The Scottish singer, actor, musician and film producer came to instantaneous fame with his  own version of Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time on Pop Idol in 2001.

Darius who was  married to Species actress Natasha Henstridge in 2011 had to divorced in 2013.

Campbell did not allow the divorce to affect him as he went straight to work producing the Daniel Radcliffe terrorism thriller Imperium in 2016.

The celebrated actor and singer had LA office and it is this US apartment that the Darius Campbell died in it. Darius Campbell was a family man and wants to always spend time with his parents in Bearsden.

He added: “The minute the plane touches down here my breathing changes and everything feels just better.

“You can drink water out of the tap and the people are amazing.”

By Robert

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