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Did the Jackson's die due to their religious beliefs?Their children say they were not eating, but why?

Their death shook the country, with many wondering why Samuel Jackson decided to keep his wife dead body in their house.

But details are now emerging to help the authorities solve what could have been described as a difficult puzzle.

One of the couple’s children who were found unconscious in a house with two dead bodies is now speaking.

It was just a matter of time before the family of four perished, but as fate had it, the little ones are alive and have started telling their story.

The child said the family stopped eating and he explained why.

When will Justine Avle be buried?

The boy who also denied his right to education said, they decided to stop eating because their parents told them “food was a curse”. Curse? you may ask?

Citi FM  Kumasi correspondent who had a rare opportunity to speak to one of the two boys who had turned to girls because of their exclusion from the public, has  given us a glimpse to the story.

The child was quoted to have said “We were not eating because our parents said food was a curse. That’s because they were worried over something. Now we know it. If you want to put the curse out of the food, you have to first pray and then eat. Our parents were not eating too.”

You will recall that the Police  found the two boys in the apartment and rescued them. The eldest son of the couple still appears to be highly traumatized and unable to speak properly. It was the younger one who spoke to the Citi TV team and revealed what might have possible killed their parents.

There are many questions in my mind and equally in many of you.

Could it be that the food stock with them was finished and they did not want to go out and buy, since they were not mingling with people especially their neighbours?

Or it was a religious belief that kept the couple out of food and this even included their children?

Your guess is as good as mine. We will soon discover what actually happened as the security agencies have taken over the case.

By Robert

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