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Gangsta Boo died from overdose

Gangsta Boo might have died from overdose. We will give you details to the death of the famous Memphis rapper.

Did Gangsta Boo died from overdose?

Pieces of information trickling in indicates that Gangsta Boo might have died overdose.

We broke the news of Gangsta Boo death. She died in her home and was only 43.

Her death was announced by DJ Paul, who is a former labelmate of the rapper. He shared her photo in a trinute to the rapper.

The exact cause of her death was not disclosed.

However sources closed to the rapper are revealing what might have killed her.

TMZ report say the rapper’s death is related to drugs.

She is said to have been with her brother, the night before in a concert in her native place of Memphis.

Her brother started overdosing to the point that he was hospitalized. His brother rather got up being okay, but his sister did not.

Sources closed to her,according to the TMZ report say,she was found with Narcotics.

Yes, Narcotics were found on her person and that it was a fentanyl-laced substance.

Police launched investigation on Gangsta Boo overdose claim.

The police are on the case of the rapper dying from overdose. The official investigation has began and we will get to know more about it.

An autopsy needs to be done on her to help in unraveling the possible cause of death of the 43 year old rapper.

Who was Gangsta Boo?

Her first solo album titled Enquiring Minds, went as high as number fifteen on the famous Billboard top RnB /Hip-Hop albums.

Incredibly!! is it not?

The album also made it to number 46 on the Billboard 200.

Gangsta Boo, as she is famously known featured her hit song “where Dem Dollas it”

She came back strong with her second album in 2001.

It went to number eight on the RnB/Hip Hop chart as well as number 29 on the Billboard 200.

The prolific rapper followed up a gain with her third album in 2003. Titled Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera, she made an improvement on her rankings. She made it to number 24 on the Independent Albums chart and number 53 on the RnB/Hip Hop charts too.

It is not surprising that she is producing hits according to industry standards. But what more can you expect from someone, who started rapping at 14.

Gangsta Boo was born as Lola Chantrelle Mitchell.

She was born on 7th January,1973 in the Tennessee town of Memphis.

Famed by her name, Gangsta Boo, she was an American Rapper. She was the second female member of the Three 6 Mafia group.

It is hip hop group which is based in Memphis. Gangsta Boo left the three 6 Mafia group back in 2002 due what has been described as money disputes. The other issue that pushed the rapper out of the group was the promotion of her album.

Gangsta Boo left the Three 6 Mafia group, just months after coming out with her second album.

Her second album was named Both Worlds *69.

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The rapper also came out with her mixtape, which she did along with La Chat and Yelawolf.

Gangsta Boo also had the opportunity of being featured in albums by colleagues Clipping and Run the Jewels.

The late 43 year old singer is credited as being the PIONEER of the female rap music.

Gangsta Boo net worth.

With three straight albums, all of which was a success, Gangsta Boo net worth should be huge. Being also part of a group which she left after, her second album, Gangsta Boo net worth might been quite a fortune.

Gangsta Boo net worth has been estimated to be between $2 million and $5million.

Her rise to fame was through her second album.

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