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Depp gets $10.4 million while Heard gets $2million

Depp gets $10.4 million  as damages while Heard gets $2million.

The verdict for the legal tussle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is out. Whose side the jury favour and what will be the implication is what this article seeks to find.

Depp gets $10.4  as damages while Heard gets $2million as damages.

The jury has found both actor and actress guilty for defamation.  The have however given more  damages for the popular actor. This has implied that the actor has legally won the case.

The jury’s ruling found that Amber Heard has defamed actor Johnny Depp in three separate statements in  her Washington Post piece.
They also added that  Depp has also defamed Heard with one statement his attorney  has allegedly made.
It means that the case was tilted in favour of Depp had his attorney not made that comment.
The jury has therefore awarded $10 million in compensatory damages  to Depp. he also receives $5 million dollars in punitive damages.
Heard has also received a pantry $2 million in compensatory damages with no  other money for  her in terms of punitive damages.
Johnny Depp had sought  $50 million in damages. His ex-wife who counter sued him was also asking for $100 million.
It however worthy to note that punitive damages in the state of Virginia are pegged  at $350,000, so the judge reduced the punitive damages award to that amount.

What is the implication for this verdict.

CNN legal analyst: Joey Jackson has described the verdict  a “tremendous” legal win for Depp and a repudiation for Heard.

“It’s a tremendous victory,” Jackson said. “What he had to overcome was a First Amendment issue which is that we all have the right to express our thoughts and opinions. What they (the jurors) said was that, yeah, you do have a First Amendment right unless you say something that is false that injures someone’s reputation and causes damages to them in their industry.”

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