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Corruption among the police service is citizen induced-Peter Toobu

Corruption among the police service is citizen induced and this is attributable to former policeman and current member of parliament for Wa West.  The Wa West MP is confident that this scenario will continue for a time to come.

Corruption among the police service is citizen induced

The Wa West central member of Parliament  was responding to a JoyNews interview. The interview was in relation to the report given by the Statistic service on corruption in Ghana.

Honorable Peter Toobu defended his point about the corruption among the police being citizen induced. He cited an example to buttress his point.

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Peter Toobu indicated that he went for a funeral in the Eastern region and was on his way back in a Public transport.

He said the bus was stopped by a police officer and the driver kept GHS5.00 into his driver’s license and was going to meet the police.

Honorable Peter Toobu said he asked where the driver was going and he said he was going to meet the police officer. He said, he asked that the driver should sit and wait for the police. He actually waited and when the police officer came, he inspected and asked them to go.

Other reasons why corruption among the police services is citizen induced.

Peter Toobu further added that if a police officer even wants to do the right thing, he said they are always interference’s from influential people like chiefs, pastors, Imams, MPs and other groups of people. He added this sometimes seems like the police officer who is trying to do the right things is rather being wicked.

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