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Connor Sturgeon

Connor Sturgeon has been named as the shooter at the Louisville bank shooting incident.

He is a 23 year old man. The suspect is believed to be an employee or former employee of the bank.

He is a graduate of the University of Alabama. He obtained  a master of science in finance in 2020 at the popular University.

Connor Sturgeon dad is said to be a “former boys basketball coach at the University of Indianapolis, leading the team from 1992 to 2007 in five NCAA tournament appearances”.

The connection of the 23 year old to the bank and his motives for the attack is still unknown to the police.

It is said the Connor entered the bank by 8.30am, thirty minutes before the official opening time of the bank.

He then opened fire and started firing.  He is said to have used what witnesses described as a “long Assault rifle”.

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One Rickey Readus who is local  Louisville resident, reportedly told the Post that “employees ran out to find shelter at nearby businesses. He said one of those employees allegedly knew Sturgeon”.

Other employees who were inside the bank had to take cover in conference rooms as well as bathrooms.

This is because: “The bathrooms on our floor have keycode entry, so it was probably the safest place we could think of to hide,” employee Tammy Madigan told the Daily Beast. “So the six of us went into the men’s room, turned off all the sound on our phones, tried to be as quiet as we could.”

Chief Paul Humphrey said police had to clear the streets before confronting the gunman.

Connor Sturgeon

Connor Sturgeon
Image Sources:nypost
The shooter killed four people and injured eight others.
Connor Sturgeon


Police are still trying to figure out whether  he died through officers fire or self inflicted death.

They said: “We are trying to confirm if that suspect did die of a self-inflicted gunshot wound or was killed by officers at this time.”

Two people embrace following the mass shooting.
Police deploy at the scene of a mass shooting near Slugger Field.
Police presence near the scene of a shooting.


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