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The Gambibgo Community Day Senior High School is one of the E-blocks which has been operational for three years now.

The school, which is located at Gambibgo in the Bolga East District, runs several courses, including general science.

Part of the roof was taken away last year, and the recent rains have also come to do part of the damage. Though school authorities are tight-lipped on the issue, reports have it that the issue has been reported to the Bolga East district education office, but nothing has since been done on it.

This issue, which has not been attended to, has seen damage being done to the nice edifice. When it rains, the water goes straight into part of the building, destroying the ceiling and disfiguring the building. If the issue is attended to now, it will go a long way towards saving lots of money in the future when the damage becomes uncontrollable.

Aside from the roof, the school is also bedeviled by the shortage of furniture, which is common across almost all secondary schools. The promise has always been that the chairs are coming, but when is the issue. Nadmo was around to attend to the damage at Bolga Girls SHS (BOGISS). We are also requesting Nadmo assistance to help this young and growing school.

Community assistance

The Gambibgo Community has been of immense help to the school. They are doing all they can within their power to make sure the school survives.

The community is building a structure that, when completed, will house students from distant places. This will prove helpful, especially to girls who are always vulnerable in these circumstances.

The structure, which have been partially roofed, has come to a stand still. It is left with the zinc to be put on it, but it has stalled for some time, with the wood being exposed to the rain for some time now.

The school is therefore calling on all to come to their aid with whatever help you can, especially in fixing their roof.

Disclaimer: This write-up is not from the school, but “Archor News”, a way of bringing local issues to the limelight to awaken duty-bearers to do the needful.

By Robert

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