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Christy Dignam wife,children, career

We will be covering everything about Christy Dignam wife, children , career and the palliative care, he is currently receiving at home.

Who is Christy Dignam?

Christy Dignam

He was  born as Christopher Dignam on 23rd May,1960. He is a lead singer  and founding member of 1982 formed Irish band Aslan.

Christy Dignam career which spanned over four decades is one of success. His music topped most Irish charts.

Christy Dignam is also noted for his battle with drugs. He had several addictions and had to under recovering from drugs.

He was born in the Irish Capital of Dublin specifically at the Holles Street Hospital. He however grew up in the Finglas suburb.

Christy Dignam sang along with Frank Merriman, his teacher at the Bel Canto art school.

He had a rough early life which was full of rape. Yes, he was raped by his neighbor when he was only six years.

Dignam was also raped by a man whom he sought help from and he himself said his drugs addictions have its roots from the trauma he had from his rough early life.

Christy Dignam music career including the Aslan band.

His first band was the  Meelah XVIII band. He was in the band along with “Tony Talbot, Mick McKenna, Joe Jewell, and Gerry Conlon”.

Some of their songs include “Toy Soldier” and “Meelah Pt. 2”. The  Meelah XVIII even created the The Dave Fanning Show on 2FM  back in the 1980.

In 1982, Dignam along with  three others formed the Aslan band. The other founding members of the Aslan band are: Joe Jewell, Billy McGuinness, Alan Downey.

Christy Dignam and the Aslan band had six  studio albums. They include : Feel No Shame , Goodbye Charlie Moonhead , Here Comes Lucy Jones, Waiting For This Madness To End, For Some Strange Reason  and Nudie Books and Frenchies.

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Dignam drug addictions hampered his role in the band  and he had to separate from the band.

Dignam still went ahead with  guitarist Conor Goff to form the  Dignam & Goff.

Christy D. came out with his debut album which he titled  “The Man Who Stayed Alive”.

It was a Sony Music Ireland and was a great success. It rose to number 7 on  “the Official Charts Company’s Irish Albums Chart Top 50”.

Christy Dignam parents

It is not clear if he had the opportunity of living with his parents. This sterns from the rough early life, he witnessed.

Christy Dignam wife.

He got married to his wife, Kathryn. They have been married for 37 years and counting.

We don’t know the exact date they got married. He shared children with Kathryn.

Christy Dignam children.

Christy Dignam wife,children

Dignam is a family man. He has a child with his wife. The name of their daughter is Kiera Dignam.

Kiera Dignam is also a singer. Kiera Dignam is a singer and band person. She has a band and advertise her band on the internet. She said he band has best musicians and they offer best prices for patrons.

She has three children, who are Dignam grand children.

Christy Dignam grandchildren.

The famous singer and former band man is not just a father, but also a grandfather. His daughter, Kiera Dignam has two children.

Christy Dignam grandchildren are  two grandsons of Cian and Jake. His other grandchild is granddaughter Ava.

Christy Diagnam Palliative care.

The Irish Mirror is reporting that the singer is receiving palliative care at home. He was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2013.

His cancer is rare one which is called amyloidosis. The paper say, his family sources say the singer is receiving

palliative care at home.

Dignam ex-band member, Billy McGuinness say they are praying for a miracle. He said : “The tears have been flowing. I’m absolutely devastated.

“Christy isn’t just a fellow band member, he’s a best friend, all the lads in Aslan are. We are like a family.

“Our manager Denise is part of that family too and we all care for each other so much.

“Joe and Christy go back even further and know each other since they were six or seven years of age growing up in Finglas.

“That’s how far back they go. They are best mates, like brothers.

“As a musician, and I’m speaking for Joe and Alan here too, we have been through everything that a band could go through.

“We have broken up and got back together again and this just really hasn’t sunk in with us.

“It’s so hard for us to get our heads around this.”

He added: “It’s devastating. Wouldn’t it be great if by some miracle he beat this?”

Billy further added said: “It’s like a bad dream, like a bomb has been dropped on us all.

“We were meant to be back together in rehearsals this week.

“We would have all been getting the gear out of storage and rehearsing, doing what Christy loves most. His life is music.

“We all agreed that there was never going to be a 3Arena gig without Christy having some part to play in it.

“Whether that be singing even a couple of songs and the guest performers the rest, or even just watching on.

“It’s so hard for us to get our heads around this.”

The Aslan Ex-band  member: “It’s devastating. Wouldn’t it be great if by some miracle he beat this?”

Bill also spoke about their planned rehearsals, which they hoped Dignam would have been part of them.

Dignam family  reportedly revealed  that he was back after about  six months of treatment at the  Beaumont Hospital.

They said the Aslan lead singer was back home, is  now unfortunately receiving
palliative care.

The Aslan band revealed how gigs that were planned are now being cancelled.

Bill spoke about how Christy might have said his goodbye to them without they knowing.

“No musician wants to say ‘this gig is my last’ but I think Christy knew and wanted to say farewell to the fans and end it properly, on a high.

“Christy has been robbed of that chance. He has been performing for 40 years with the band which is a long, long time to be making music.

“Being on stage meant everything to him, it is his life.” Billy added: “Never mind the 3Arena, long term, we will never be on stage with him again.

“Our last gig was in Ballykeeffe on August 5 and little did we know that was going to be the last time we would all be on stage as a band together.

“After that we were making plans for the 3Arena and couldn’t wait.

“Ballykeeffe had been one of the better gigs we had done and we were all thinking, ‘This is brilliant, Christy’s flying’.

“At that gig in Ballykeeffe and some of the other gigs we had done he was singing like a lark at them.

“He seemed to be okay, the chemo was working.”


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