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China:Married woman who dated 18 men at once arrested for scamming them of $300k

A married woman has  conned 18 men whom she dated at the same time. The incident happened in China as the woman who wanted to live lavishly reportedly dated over 20 men and luring them to giving her money.

The men who did not know each other had given the woman whose name was only given as Wu an estimated amount of  2 million yuan (approximately $296,256) since 2017.

The woman who is 29 began luring her victims with what has now been known as fake marriage agreement in 2017.

A Shanghai TV reports that the the woman allegedly dated 18 men at a go.

She (Wu) is said to have enticed the men into a fake relationship. She will then convince them that her felling for them is genuine and that she is in love with them.

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She then take apre-wedding photos  with the men and that the men will often refer to her as “wife”.

Once the deal of marriage is somehow established, Wu will then begin requesting for money from her unsuspecting victims. She will explain that she needs the money to help her family members whom she often described as being many. Wu also uses reasons such as: her father has cancer,she  needs money to bail her cousin, her brother needs  support to buy a house among others, aimed at getting more money from these men.

This pushed some of the men to even go for a loan in order to meet her demands.

As this continues, her numerous boyfriends became suspicious along the way and even threatened to report her to the police. Wu then brought up a new plan of requesting money from her new boyfriends and using same to pay back her old boyfriends.

However, luck eluded Wu during the early part of this year when she requested one of her boyfriends whose name was given as Wang to pose as her brother. Wu explain this to Wang that she was doing this to get rid of another man whom she said was tracking her down over unpaid taxes.


Wang then loaned Wu around 900,000 yuan (approximately $133,315) and later demanded to meet with Wu’s parents. Wang explained that he will break up with her and even take back his money should Wu refused to take his demands.

Wang then reported Wu to the police. This was when she failed to pay back  his money and did not take him to her parents either.

“The man asked me when we could return the money to him. He said he is short of money and he had already sold his house,” Wang told police per South China Morning Post. “I instantly became suspicious of Wu. How could it be possible that a person who pushed others to pay taxes had sold his own house?”

It was later discovered that Wu has been married since 2014 and has a 2-year-old son with her husband. The local  police discovered Wu residing in a rental home with her husband where she claimed to work as a fashion model.

Wu stated that she was single and was dating the men as a way of funding her expensive lifestyle. She said  the money was going towards her siblings and her parents, who live outside of Shanghai.

Police are currently investigating the situation.

By Robert

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