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Charlie Simpson’s son rushed to hospital on holiday as Busted star shares warning to parents

Charlie Simpson’s son rushed to  hospital as the busted star is on holidays abroad.

We will look at Charlie Simpson, where he is on holiday and what happened to the child.

Who is Charles Simpson?

Charles Robert Simpson  is a British singer, musician and songwriter. He was born on  7th June 1985 and  is a member of multi-BRIT Award-winning band the Busted.

Charlie Simpson is a lead vocalist and the rhythm guitarist in the  famous British post -hardcore band the Fightstar.

He has been noted as being  “perhaps the only pop star to make the convincing transition from fresh-faced boy bander to authentic hard rock frontman”.

The multi-talented star is good when it comes to playing guitar, bass, keyboard, piano and drums. His works has been part of the UK Album chart with a few of them in the UK Top 10. Simpson has sold over 5 million records spanning from busted, Fightstar and his personal projects.

Charlie Simpson’s son rushed to hospital on holiday as Busted star shares warning to parents

The Musician  is the youngest of three children shared a photo of his four year old in A&E.He further revealed that the boy  suffered “secondary drowning”.

wondering what that is? well Secondary or dry drowning is said to have occurred when a person  inhales water while swimming, causing the vocal chords to spasm and contract. It is said if can be   fatal and symptoms occur within one to 24 hours after being in the water.

The musician said  he shared the photo and his experience to warn other parents. he wrote “Hi all. I wanted to share a terrifying experience we had recently with my youngest son Jago, in the hope that if it helps just one person avoid a similar situation, it will be worth it.

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“We were on holiday enjoying a morning in the pool. Jago is a strong swimmer for his age and he was swimming under water but suddenly came up spluttering and coughing.

“At no point was he left unattended, It was momentary, nothing seemingly unusual for kids to experience. We got him out and he seemed fine and happy and was completely normal for the rest of the day.

“At dinner he became very lethargic and went to sleep in my wife’s arms. After dinner he suddenly woke up and started projectile vomiting.

“We called a doctor immediately who initially diagnosed it as as food poisoning and advised that we put Jago to bed in our hotel room and keep an eye on him.

“Before the doctor left, I suddenly remembered Jago coughing in the pool that morning and I remembered reading about a condition called secondary drowning, so I relayed it to the doctor.

“After hearing this, his demeanour changed and he told us to go to A&E straight away.”



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