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Charles Battles: Repa McEntires ex-husband, children and cause of death.


Charles Battles, Reba McEntire first husband will be discussed in this article. We will look at everything about him including marriage, children, career and cause of death.


Who is Reba McEntire? Charles Battle wife

Reba  born as Reba Nell McEntire is  famous American Singer. Reba is a country music singer who is famously acclaimed as the “the Queen of Country“.
The musician is widely known and boast of over 75 million record sale which was sold widely across the globe.
The country  music singer was dominant in the 1970s where she was said to have placed well over hundred(100) singles in the Billboard Hot on the country music chart.
Out of these hundred singles, 25 of those Reba songs made it to the number one on the chart.
She was born on 28th March,1955 to to Clark and Jacqueline McEntire.
Known to have been raised in a ranch, Reba also went into acting specifically both film and television.
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Her television program was her television series she named Reba.
Reba television series was telecast in six seasons.
The singer who started singing with the help of her mother also had other businesses.
Some of her businesses are into clothing among others.
Her career like indicated earlier started with the help of her mother. Reba McEntire who had three other siblings were in the McEntire singing group along with her siblings.
The family singing group is said to have played at local events and even recorded songs for small labels at the time.
Reba McEntire,having been armed with that huge experience in singing, took it a notch higher.
She is said to have enrolled at the Southeastern Oklahoma State University where she went ahead to be a teacher at a public school.
The young teacher Reba also continue with her singing career where she used to perform occasionally  and sang at events of Red Steagall.
It is said that, it was Steagall who worked on and helped Reba to get her country music contract.
This was a contract with PolyGram/mercury records back in 1975.

Reba McEntire worked with PolyGram/Mercury for many years. She released many of the McEntires albums with them, they were not successful as expected.

Her rise to fame was with her songs like“(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven”, “I’m Not That Lonely Yet” and “Can’t Even Get the Blues”.

The “Can’t Even Get The Blues”  song later became the singers number song on the Billboard hot on the country music chart.

Reba made a change in her record contract when she signed with a different records company in 1984.

The change in record label was the unhappiness of the musician about  path  of her career at the time.

The new record label was with MCA records and  she had  what she wanted after the signing.

The singer reportedly had her  breakout release with her song My Kind of Country.

Who was Charles Battles?

Charles  Battles is the first husband of celebrated country music singer Reba McEntire.

Charles was said to be a rancher. Remember Reba herself was raised in a ranch and seem to have fallen in love with someone with that career.

Aside being a rancher, Charles was also a champion in wrestling. He was a steer wrestling champion.

Charles Battles was said to be as many as 10 years, a senior to Reba, but as it is always said, love knows no boundary.

Charles also had children in his previous marriage.

This means that Reba was not the first wife of Charles B.

Reba and Charles Battles had a ranch in Reba’s home town of Oklahoma.

Their marriage ended in a divorce in 1987. Charles was said to be overdependent on his wife Reba.

He is reported to some times collect money without permission from ranger of businesses that the singer  and actress had.

Charles Battles  is also said to have too much anger which did not sit well with his famous wife.

Reba is said to have confessed her love for Charles. She spoke about how the two of them had fun together. She said they “rodeoged” together and also ranched together as well.

“I loved Charlie with all my heart, I wanted to marry him… We had a lot of fun,” McEntire shared in a past interview with PEOPLE. “We rodeoed together, we ranched together.” She added.

Other issues that made Reba and Charles to break up was Charles insecurity as Reba continue to blossom in her career.

Reba is said to have stated in her book Reba:my story that Charles always seeks for his own welfare against that of hers.

She further added that, Charles had little enthusiasm in her affairs and the career she was pursing.

She further alleged that she did not feel included in her step children.

She gave an example of how Charles will not allow her to take part when the family of father and children go out to feed say the cattle.

Charles Battles instead of being candid with her, to inform her that he sometimes wants to spend time with his boys.

The rancher cum wrestler will tell her that there is no room for them to add her in their car.

He would then drive off with his kids after these remarks.

The names of Charles two sons whom he had from his previous marriages are Lance and Coty Battles.

Being fed up with this and many others, made the famous singer to walk away from Charles.

She did not share kids with Charles in that marriage with him.

Reba, the country music  singer left Oklahoma to Nashville to pursue not just  her career, but to take a moment over her fallen marriage.

Charles Battles also moved on in his relationship life.

He is said to have married one Donna Granger.

This marriage happened in 1998.

Reba also moved ahead in her relationship life.

She got married to Navel Blackstock in 1989.

That marriage went as far as to 2015.

It also ended in a divorce.

Charles Battles cause of death.

Charles died in 2013. He suffered a stroke in 2006 and lived with it till his death in 2013

Charles is reported to have been buried at ” Sulphur, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, USA”




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