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Natasha Lyonne changing voice

The changing voice of Natasha Lyonne,a popular American Actress has got fans asking how the famous  actress is able to do this.

We will look at how the she is able to do this and also look in the never known part of her life.

Who is Natasha Lyonne?

Netflix star Natasha Lyonne needs no introduction. Born on April 4th, 1979, she is one of a kind. She is one person with different parts. She is an actress, writer, producer, and even director.

Many described her upbringing as lonely, as her parents divorced when she was less than ten years old.

She started using drugs at that time and that caused the school to expel her after returning from Israel.

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How was her childhood days?

She has spoken publicly about her childhood days. She is quoted as having said, “As a kid, I spent more time than I’m proud of hating myself.” She continued, “Maybe that was a tangled version of also hating my absentee parents, as well as hating the kids in school.”

Her rough childhood made her start her career at age 6. She battled drugs and was even arrested in the past. The effects of her drug use got Lyonne hospitalized in 2005 with Hepatitis C and a collapsed lung.

Natasha Lyonne’s voice change: How does Natasha Lyonne change her voice?

The changing voice of Natasha Lyonne. How does she do it?

Natasha, who is the voice over for Suzette in the Big Mouth series, stated this in regard to her ability to change her voice.

My voice is stronger when I don’t feel like I’m the only one in the room.” Her voice in the series The Russian Doll has been described as being “shrouded in a tone of half-sarcasm”, which differs significantly from that of her naturally recognizable “husky New York accent”.

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