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Callan Larkin and Kraig Larkin: the Sligo missing brothers say they are not missing, they run away.

Callan Larkin and Kraig Larkin, the Sligo brothers declared missing say they are not missing.

In a shocking and dramatic turn of events, the siblings catalogued what accounted for them leaving home.

Read their reasons for leaving home.

“My name is callan Larkin and Kraig is my brother we ran away because we are being treated wrongly by the tusla system and nothis has changed we have had conversation after conversation with social workers and Garda and loads of other people and I am going to be verry real with use
I have worked with a pedophile I have worked with a staff member who hit me I have been abused through out my 13 and a half years in care and the social workers have no care in the world because nothing is being done about this 🤬
The Garda are investegateing about the pedophile that’s all but that girl has still not been locked up and it gets worse cause we were so young when we were taken my youngest brother who is in care has no clue as to what’s going on he doesn’t understand any of it
And whats so funny about all this is we are in care for no reason and before people comment there has to be there is no reason at all 🤣🤣!!
And my other brother Kraig the boy who ran away with me he is so upset and angry he dose not want to be put into the house he is in but yet he still gets put back in there and he hat to run away for the social workers to take it Serious like what’s next for them to acctually listen again he has asked multiple times for a new social worker and has also asked for a new home in Dublin were we are closer to family
And I myself have asked for a new social worker and to be moved with my brother in the same house in Dublin and I have also worked with another social worker who damedge my knee another man who scared my finger and And a woman who burnt my hand with hot water and we are suppose to trust the tusla system and for them to say we are safe no way are we safe with them !!!!!
And they keep putting me in a place we’re I am unhappy and my safety is at risk why keep putting me back there if my safety is at risk like the system is ridiculous and it’s funny cause nothing is being done so me a 15 year old boy has to bring it upon himself but yet that’s the social workers job give over they get paid millions and they get to live the high life because they are paid to control someone’s life please have u got better things to be useing you’re time with
I can tell you more but it would go on forever these are some points but there is more to this story and I am willing to share it with everyone
Everyone in comments tag Sunday world and rte news and the Irish independent to try get are story shared
this is sick that me and him hat to run away for are story to be HIGHLIGHTED and for us to be heard we are gonna try all are best to get what we want but you’re share can help we need stories like ares to be heard PLEASE SHARE !”.
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After publishing an article about them getting missing. The brothers reached out to us with this message.
“I’m callan larkin Kraig is my brother we are safe and if u want to know the reason why we done it go onto my page to find out the reason why it’s all there I just posted it”.
They further told us that “We are not from Sligo we are from Dublin”

By Robert

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