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BOTECH shutdown: Old students want the role of a female teacher in the chaos investigated.

The old students of the Bolgatanga Technical Institute (BOTECH) want a female teacher who was a subject of attack in the recent chaos investigated.

The President of the Old Students Association of the Technical Institute, Abdallah Jonathan Salifu, has called on the committee put together to look into the unrest to also include the role of a female teacher.

Mr. Abdallah Salifu, who did not mention the name of the said female teacher, added that she was the target of the students in the recent riot in the school that took headlines across the media landscape.

He was of the opinion that he suspected something fishy with that particular teacher. He wonders how a particular teacher will consistently be the target of students any time there are disturbances.

You will recall that Botech was shut down over a riot of students over examination malfeasance.

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The riot broke up following the arrest of two students by the National Investigation Bureau on Monday, August 1, 2022.

The students were picked up for allegedly engaging in examination malpractice. The students clashed with police in a violent riot as the latter was called in to arrest the situation as the rampaging students refused to take counsel from their teachers.

The students had blocked access to both their school and the Bolgatanga Navrongo road. Teachers had to take cover, leaving the students to destroy anything that stood in their way.

Some teachers had fire extinguishers sprayed on them, and several valuables belonging to both teachers and the school were destroyed.

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But Mr. Salifu, who is a leader of the old students’ association, noted that a particular female teacher has been a victim of three such demonstrations in the past.

He thus wonders how the said teacher will always be a subject of students’ anger over all these years.

Every time they revolt, there is always one person among the many teachers on staff that they go to attack. I won’t mention the person’s name. For the three times they revolted, that person has not been spared. In fact, she has been badly affected in all these three instances.

I am not supporting the destruction and those who must be punished should be punished, but if all the time there is a problem and she is being attacked, there is a problem that should be looked at. “There is something beyond what you and I are seeing,” he noted.

By Robert

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