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Bongo DCE has 10 percent share in contracts awarded by assembly

It has been alleged that the Bongo DCE has 10 share in contracts awarded by the Assembly.

This means the DCE personally benefits from contracts awarded by the district assembly. This is interesting?

Special prosecutor where are you?

Bongo DCE has 10 percent share in contracts awarded by assembly

This allegation was being made by an Aspiring President  member of the Bongo District Assembly and Assembly man for the Balungo Electoral Area, Edward Asekere.

He revealed this during a an interview with Bolgatanga based Dreamz FM. The honorable Asekere indicated that the first ever  female DCE of Bongo has a 10% share in contracts awarded by the Assembly. This will be something well meaning resident of the district should be worried about if it is found to be true.

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His revelation was in response to the chaos that greeted the the first session of the Assembly’s meet on 12th July,2022.

You will recall that the assembly met to elect a Presiding member to replaced the current one whose tenure has expired. The meeting however turned chaotic putting to an abrupt end, the agenda of the program. This was after the  DCE, Rita Atanga told the members that she had revoked the appointment of the appointees of the assembly and had replaced them with new ones.

The old government appointees of the assembly took no for an answer and rioted. Police were called in to restore calm for the new appointees to be sworn in. The main agenda of the meeting which was on the election of the Presiding member had to be postponed for a later date.

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The honorable Edward Asekere  said the DCE must do everything within her power to arrange  another day for the election of the DCE or else the activities of the Assembly will grill to a halt. He  added that this will deprive the district of the necessary development it needs and even starve the DCE of the 10% she is accustomed to in every contract awarded.

“The DCE stands to lose more if we don’t have a presiding member. In fact, if we don’t have a presiding member, there is what we call District Performance Assessment Tool; they come to look at your health issues, educational background and so many things and if you get a good mark, you are given a chunk of money for development projects. Without the presiding member, you will not even have the chance to be assessed so the DCE will lose her personal benefits because projects will come, she is able to award projects and even get her 10 percent from those projects.

So apart from benefitting personally, the district as a whole stands to benefit. So she is going to lose more and the district as a whole will also lose without a presiding member. Previously, we could select one of us to preside over meetings but there was a Supreme Court’s ruling in 2016 that said nobody can preside apart from the PM. So without the PM, the assembly cannot hold meetings and that is going to be dangerous for our district and any other district that does not have a Presiding Member.”

By Robert

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