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BECE:19999 Students From 679 Schools to sit for BECE in UE/R .

19999 Students From 679 Schools to sit for BECE in UE/R  of Ghana.

These students are coming from 679 schools across the various districts in the region.

The exams which is the first external examinations to be written by these students will begin on 17th October,2022 across the whole country.

This will afford the candidates the opportunity to be placed into the various Senior High schools in the country.

The breakdown of the students in the various districts and municipal assemblies are as follows.

The Bolgatanga Municipality is presenting 2847 candidates which is composed of 1318 boys and 1529 girls.

The district in the Regional capital which is the Bolgatanga Municipal presented students from 55 public schools and 19 private schools

The next district is the Kasena Namkana Municipality which has 1946 with 952 of them being boys and 994 being girls.

These students came from 48 public schools and 12 private schools.

The least number of students is coming from the Bolgtanga East District.

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They are presenting 620 students in total with 275 students of them being boys and 345 being girls.

The figures for the rest of the district can be seen in the table below.

One striking thing is the number of girls. There seem to be a par with the boys. Some district  are presenting more girls than boys.

Take for example Bolga Municipal,  Bolga East District, Kasena Nankana Municipal, the numbers of girls presented are  more than that of the boys. The same can be said of Bawku Municipal and Bulsa North.

This is a welcoming news and it is also a waking call for stake holders to look at boys school attendance.



By Robert

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