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Bagre Dam spillage: Floods cut off Wapule from Yendi

The floor gates of the Bagre and Kompeinga dams  in Burikina Faso were opened  yesterday and the effects are being felt in Ghana.

It has been reported communities in Northern Ghana have started having problems following the flood water.

Bagre Dam spillage: Floods cut off Wapule from Yendi

Wapule in Northern region has been cut off from Yendi. This is attributable to floods water from the two dams.

The plight of the people has further been exacerbated by  a downpour on Thursday night in parts of the Northern region.

This has made some commuters on Friday morning were stranded.

The spillage has been become necessary following the fast rising upstream level of the two dams in Burkina Faso.

There has been increasing level of the water of the Kompienga dam. The rising rate of water in both dams are higher as compared to last year figures.Taking for instance the Kompienga dam, its level has reached 234.71 metres with a rising rate of 98.40 per cent as against 92.10 per cent same period last year.

The Ghanaian authorities has asked residents in communities  downstream the White and Black Volta rivers to move to higher ground.

This was after they received communications from the “Burikanabe” authorities of their intention to open the flood gates of their dams.

SONABEL, the agency in the French speaking country with the mandate of managing both dams always alert the Ghanaian authorities of their intention to spill.

There have talk about of making good use of the water, during the spillage and the solution according to the government is the Palwulugu Multi-purpose dam.

However, work is yet to start on the dam, months after a sod was cut on it.

By Robert

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