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Applegreen tragedy:Letterkenny University Hospital established a major emergency plan.
Letterkenny University hospital has established a major emergency plan to help victims of the Applegreen service station explosion.
The Applegreen tragedy occurred at around 3.15pm shaking  buildings and leading to walls and ceilings going down.
It is a place near Creeslough.
Special equipment have been deployed to the site to help in finding missing and those trapped under the rumble.
Several emergency services providers are at the scene doing all possible to save lives.
The service station building also had residential apartments and many are still trapped under the rumble.
Some of them have made contacts with those outside as it begins a wait and see as love ones hold their breadth waiting for good news about the friends and family members.
The Letterkenny University hospital has asked people not to come to the emergency unit as they attend to the injured.
Many staff of the hospital have also been called to help in the emergency plan.
Their plea to the public reads:

“The hospital has moved to Major Emergency Standby as it deals with this incident.

“We are appealing to the public not to come to the Emergency Department unless it is an emergency. Please contact your GP or NOW doc service in the first instance.

“NowDoc has increased staffing this evening to help deal with any additional demands.”

By Robert

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