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Andy carrol with two blodes

Andy Carrol is due to get married in two weeks time. However the striker is embroiled in things that a “would be”groom should not do at all. Please read on to know as the article will look at the strikers night with two blodes.

Who is Andy Carrol?

Andy Thomas Carrol is a British professional player. He was born on January6, 1989 in Gateshead.

The former England player attended  both Brighton Avenue Primary School and Joseph Swan School. Carrol played in the Premier league for clubs like West Ham, Liverpool, New Castle among others. He is a also a model for famous clothing company H &M. Carrol has done a campaign which was led by fashion designer Alexander Wang.

The player has previous relationships. He was engaged to Billi Mucklow with whom he shared two children. He also have  two children from relationships before his engagement with Mucklow.

Wedding with Billi Mucklow

Andy Carrol is due to have a wedding with Billi Mucklow. Mucklow is a Television star. Mucklow is famed for the show “the only way is Essex”. She was part of that reality show which was popular in 2011 when it was shown.

Andy Carrol with two blodes on the same bed.

Pictures have emerged with the Carrol who is due to wed Mucklow asleep with two women. This has put Mucklow in a shameful position , she has stated that she is standing with her husband to be.

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The player  partied with the two:Phoebe Robb, 26, and Taylor Jane Wilkey. He has insisted that nothing sexual happened among them, but who will believe  this. This is because Carrol was bare chested and sandwich between the two blodes.


By Robert

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