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An Mp sweats in Kenya for failing to write secondary school exams

Students dodge exams for reasons best known to themselves. But most of them are oblivious to the dangers associated with taking those decisions.

An MP  is sweating in Kenya for failing to write his secondary school exams. Wants to know more, read on.

A Kenyan MP has been accused of forging his academic papers, which he did not sit for during his final year exams at the secondary school he claims to have attended.

Mp sweats in Kenya for failing to write exams

This is from an ex-teacher of the MP, who told the court hearing the case that the MP, one Oscar Sudi, had indicated that he sat for the exams during his days at Highway Secondary School in 2006.

However, the school’s former principal said the index number the MP claimed was his actually belonged to another student, adding the MP did not register or sit the examination at the school.

This also brings into question the record keeping of teachers and schools. Teachers are to hold the academic documents of their students carefully and produce them at the right time, like in the above instance.
These records can stand the test of time if schools move from the paper-based records that are currently being done to digital records.

This MP has been charged with forging a diploma certificate and a secondary school certificate. He has denied both charges and is on bail.

Reports from Kenya’s Standard newspaper have indicated that the alleged forgeries date back to when the MP was seeking clearance for election in 2013. The law in Kenya requires parliamentary aspirants to show proof of post-secondary school education.

The hearing of the case continues, but will the MP be able to prove his records beyond what his former teacher has stated?

The rate at which students dodge exams is alarming, especially in our secondary schools.

Policies directives from the Ministry of education is partly to be blamed for this unfortunate development.

Students are to be promoted, whether the write exams or not and this seems to be emboldening them to take these paths.

By Robert

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