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All “Motor fitters” in Bolgtanga to be moved to the “BOST” area -MCE

Very soon, all “motor fitters” in Bolgatanga will be moved to “Bost” area. This is according to the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly Chief Executive. The honorable Rex Asanga made this known when he spoke to A1 Radio in Bolgatanga.

He said the the ‘Bolgatanga Sister Cities Project’ will  see the mass relocation of motorbike repairers scattered across the Bolgatanga Municipality to a single location. He added that this is the phase two of the project after the completion of the phase 1.

The phase one  of the project,  according to the MCE  was the construction of  stalls to house the artisans. He indicated that urinals and other ancillary facilities were constructed.

“We are currently on the 2nd phase. You know the 1st phase was completed. Lockable stalls were completed. A police post was built along with urinals and all that. The first phase of about 20 stalls was finished.”

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“We have awarded the 2nd phase of about 40 shops and all other ancillary facilities. It would include mechanical sheds and all that. We have awarded that and construction is ongoing.”

“The third phase would be roads and power connection to the place,” he added.

“We are in the 2nd phase now, the contractors are busy a site and the fitters are part of the meetings we have. Let’s say we have a site meeting, the garages are heavily represented on the committees.”

You may soon have to move to the BOST area to look for that special fitter of yours to give your motor the “treat” it deserves.

This will be the second of such a huge task the honorable Asanga will be embarking upon. This comes after the successful relocation of the butchers from their comfort zone in town to Yorogo. Many thought this was not surmountable, but the honorable Asanga went through it with ease.

If this is actually carried through, it will help in sanitizing the municipality of these artisans who are actually nuisance to the environment.

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By Robert

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