Alessia Russo salary: How much is Russo net worth?

Alessia Russo salary has come up for discussing following her  back heel powerful goal that has got England fans talking. Many are asking more about her salary and net worth.

Alessia Russo?

She  is a British professional footballer.Russo who stands 5feet, 9 inches tall was born on 8th February, 1999 in Maidstone, England . Alessia Russo is a forward for Manchester United in the  the Women ‘s Super League.

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The famous player is also a part of the England national team and had represented the country on all age groups. Russo had played for Chelsea, Brighton and Hove Albion and even North Carolina Tar Heels before settling for Manchester United currently.

Alessia Russo salary: How much is Russo net worth?

Alessia Russo is a famous player who have played for big teams like Chelsea, Brighton and Manchester United. She is however trending lately for her goal. What is the players salary and what could possibly be her net worth.

Her salary is not known at the moment. However the Manchester forward in the Women Super League forward will be paid a handsome salary.

Meet Alessia Russo siblings.

The net worth of the Alessia Russo  is equally not known. The 23 year old who is part of the England team will be rich and worth a fortune.

Alessia Russo whose Instagram page  is Alessia Russo Instagram seem to keep most of her private life out of the public domain.



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