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Abuga Pele: I still admire Manasseh Awuni as a Journalist, though  he led me to be jailed.

 Abuga Pele says he still admire Manasseh Awuni as a journalist, though it is the latter whose investigative piece led to his imprisonment.

The former boss of defunct GYEEDA, Mr. Abuga Pele has stated that he still admire the works of journalist Manasseh Awuni. He said though the investigative reports of Mr. Awuni led to him to be jailed, he still have great respect for the Journalist.

Abuga Pele explains why he still admire Manasseh Awuni

Abuga Pele: I still admire Manasseh Awuni as a Journalist, though  he led me to be jailed.

“Everything was going on well. To my amazement, they said there was an investigation set up. I cooperated very well with Manasseh and I still admire him as a journalist. He came, and I gave him all the cooperation because by then, I was also doing my private investigation on some of my deputies who had forged signatures and withdrawn monies. I had done my investigations and recommended that they should be prosecuted and sacked. So, I antagonized a lot of people both at the ministry and at my level. I even invited the audit service to audit all the offices in the country. So, I was surprised that they said they had set up a committee to investigate GYEEDA scandal.”

Abuga Pele: I suspect foul and sinister play at the time led me to be jailed.

He said he suspected a foul and sinister play at him by the people he was working with at the Ministry.

“The memo was not crafted by me; it was crafted by my finance officer who was employed by the ministry because they say he is qualified. All the senior officers I was dumped on them, I didn’t recruit them. So why would I be holding in doubt the work they do and submit to me.”

Abuga Pele says he initially rejected the GYEEDA job because he felt he should’ve been made minister over Muntaka.

“So, I would look through if it sounds reasonable am not a finance man even though I was a tax man but it is not enough. The Finance Officer wrote the memo and said it was okay. I minuted for your attention and he took it to the ministry. He read through, gave it to his Chief Director, gave it to his Auditor, they approved and he said pay him; we paid. So am still to come to terms with why I was prosecuted.”

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