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Abdul Inusah apologizes to his family. Says he will be freed soon

Abdul Inusah,Son of former Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale Central Constituency, Abdul Fuseini has apologized to his family.

His apology sterns from his involvement in an alleged fraud activities in the USA.

Abdul Inusah said this in an interview with Accra based Asaase Radio. He said he is much worried about recent development and the impact it will have on the family.

“My utmost worry right now is not fighting my case or proving my innocence to the Ghanaian public,” Inusah said. “My very utmost problem right now will be my family and friends who have been affected by these half-truth publications, with utmost respect because I don’t want to discredit anybody’s work,” he said.

“But these are half truths, and people’s lives in Ghana are being affected especially my family and loved ones, and I would like to apologize to them that they should take heart, and keep having faith that their brother and son is innocent and will soon be a free man and we will rejoice and jubilate with the people of Ghana,” Abdul Inusah noted.

Inusah Fuseini expressed disappointment over son’s conviction in USA.

His father in an interview with Asaase Radio has expressed his disappointment over the matter.

“As a father, my son told me that one of his colleague students wanted a car and he has documents that allow him to auction vehicle and it turns out the colleague student was involved in a romance fraud,” the former legislator said.

By Robert

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