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A week of turmoil forced Italian PM Mario Draghi to resign

 After a week of turmoil, Italy Prime Minister have been forced to resign.  This happened after barely a year-and-a-half in office.

Mario Draghi was appointed as Italy’s unelected head of a unity government and he has to let go of his position.

A week of turmoil forced Italian PM Mario Draghi to resign.

He was forced to back down as three of the parties in the unity government did not back him in the confidence vote alst night.

Mario Draghi told the country’s president that  he was standing down. The President,Sergio Mattarella  has however asked him to continue  as a caretaker leader until elections are held in autumn.

Who is Mario Draghi?

Mario Draghi was born on 3rd September 1947 to his father Carlos and mother Gilda Mancini. He  is an Italian economist, banker, former professor and civil servant. He also  served as Prime Minister of Italy after a unity government and this was since February,2021 until his resignation on 21st July.

Who is the new Sri Lanka’s president who has been sworn in?

Mario Draghi served as President of the European Central Bank between 2011and 2019. He was also the chairman of the financial Stability Board and this was between 2006 and 2011.

Mario also worked with the World Bank in the 80’s, before becoming the Director General of the Italian Treasury.

He had the opportunity to work as Governor of the Bank of Italy in 2006 and that was the time of the recession.

The 74 year old Mario Draghi was a popular choice for the Prime Minister in 2021. He was even termed the Super Mario and this was a credit for his handling of the Eurozone crisis when he was the head of the European central bank.

Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni is tipped as Mario Draghi replacement.

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