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Reuter journalist hotel room flooded

It is the rainy season in Accra and the ugly thing is rearing its head again. The floods are hitting hard and not even the places reserved for the rich are spared.

A Reuters journalist by the name of Cooper Inveen has unfortunately experienced the annual Accra flood not on the street, but in his hotel room.

The Reuters international journalist, who is a correspondent in Ghana by way of Senegal and Sierra Leone, has been lodging in Accra for some time now. He is also on an official international assignment for Reuters.

Reuter journalist hotel room flooded

The Reuter Journalist hotel room, which is near the interchange on the ring road central, had flooded and was holding the water.

The unfortunate incident is an aftermath of a heavy downpour in Accra from dawn to about seven o’clock in the morning.

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Cooper took to Twitter at 5:57 am to announce his sad reality to the world. He showed his room to be filled with dirty, stagnant water. He wrote, “Waking up in Accra today, How’s your morning going? “

The Reuters Journalist also shared a photo of his dog, Reggie.He added “Don’t worry folks, Reggie found the high ground.”

Reuter journalist hotel room flooded

Who is this Reuters Journalist Cooper Inveen?

Cooper is a writer, photographer, and videographer who is  interested in all things  relating to West Africa.

Cooper who is currently based in Dakar, Senegal has seen his post generating huge response on social media.

By Robert

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