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David Doyle

We will discuss how a A Louisiana man shots 14 yr old girl on the head for playing hide and seek on his property.

Who is David Doyle?

The man, David Doyle is a 58 year old man from Louisiana. He is currently in custody and is  facing 4 counts of aggravated assault.

58 year old David Doyle said he saw shadows in his property and instead of checking to see who they are, he went in for his gun and shot the 14 year old through the back of her head.

David Doyle property

Mr. Doyle said when he came out with his gun, he saw people running away and aimed at them hitting his victim on the head.

Who is David Doyle victim?

Doyle’s victim was not named, but,she is said to have miraculously survived the shooting.

The 14 year old girl  family said she is responding to treatment.

Doyle is now facing charges of “aggravated assault with a firearm”. His other charge include “illegal discharge of a firearm”.

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The girl was playing hide and seek with her friends when the unfortunate incident happened.

The shooting occurred at small town by named Starks which is said to be closed to the border with Texas.

Detectives said Doyle’s  victim and “several juveniles were playing hide and seek in the area and were hiding on the neighbor’s property.”

The suspect told them “he observed shadows outside his home, at which time he went inside and retrieved his firearm.”

“He then advised detectives he went back outside and observed people running away from his property, at which time he began shooting at them and unknowingly hit the girl.”

David Doyle Property where the shooting occurred

By Robert

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