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A look at five things every parent must advice their children who are in SHS.


Senior High Schools (SHS) have just reopened for a new academic year. It is barely four days into the new academic year and most students are preparing to return to campus to continue their studies. I know as a parent you always advice your ward on certain things before they leave for school. I have five more things that you must add that list.

A look at five things every parent must advice their children who are in SHS.

Five important things you must tell your ward before he/she leave for a senior high school.

Sexual predator teachers.

When students leave the confines of their homes and heads for school, the parents are entrusting them to the care, protection and guidance of the teachers. This has been and continues to be the norm. The parents have the trust in the teachers’ ability to do their job and do it well. This has existed for years and it has been done well over these years, but in every institution, there are always bad nuts among them.

Unknown to most parents is the fact that some of these teachers are toxic. They rely on the vulnerability of these students to exploit them sexually. Some go to the extent of camping these students in their rooms and feasting on them as if they were their wives.

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Very few of these cases filters onto the media for us to hear, but the majority of them go undetected or are “killed” at the school level. You must educate your children about these predators and how they can avoid them. School children must do their best not to visit teachers in their homes.

Lesbians and homosexuals.

The practice of homosexuality and lesbianism are rife in our schools for years now. It has now even been heightened by the recent controversies that erupted in our country over the opening of gays office and the attempted move to pass a law banning the practice.

As far back as 2009, there was a reported case of two female students who were caught in the act of lesbianism in school in Ghana. A teacher was passing through a girls’ dorm at dawn and heard an unusual sound. They students were later expelled from the school.You must educate your children to be measurable in their relationship with their colleagues.

Time thieves

The poor performance of your child in school may not entirely be true that he/she was not serious. It could be that he allowed a time thief into his life. These individuals will always try as much as possible to engage you and not allow you to learn. They may even go with you for studies, but end up engaging you in a conversation the whole period.


The genesis of these illicit activities starts from our schools. These young men who engage in these things exhibit too much money and flashy cars which makes our children in schools vulnerable. Remember that their activities affect both boys and girls. They easily lured these innocent girls in our senior high schools to sleep with them and entice the boys to join them.

Bad company

It is said that bad company corrupts good character. Your child may leave home as an angel, but comes back as devil assistant. These children find it difficult coming out of these bad groups because of threats on their lives. If a child goes ahead to report to the school authorities, they will make the school a living hell for that person. Try to investigate further, if for example your child comes back from school and says he/she does want to go back.

I hope you have been educated, and knows what to tell your ward before he/she leaves for school.

Let us share this article to get to every one and save our future leaders from harm.

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