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Alion has chewed off part of a man's finger

How did the lion chewed off part of the man’s finger?

A Jamaican man had the shock of his life as he tried to play with a lion through its cage. The man who said he had a golden chance to interact with the wild beast will have a story to tell his children why he may never go to a zoo.

The incident happened on a Friday, when most people normally visit the zoo. The incident, which has been recorded on a video, saw the man trying to entice the lion or to draw the attention of the lion. He did this by using his finger to pass through the hole. The man first enjoyed it as he was able to draw the attention of the lion and the lion was moving closer to him. Then it got chaotic as the lion quickly grabbed his finger at a speed the man never expected.

For the first few seconds, those who were recording thought he was enjoying it, till they saw that the man was struggling to remove his finger from the lion. The man who was standing below the dwarf wall holding the cage was forced to climb the wall in his attempt to free himself.

He finally did by freeing himself from the lion and fell out of the wall due to the pain with which he was going through.

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The incident happened so quickly that no one could help the man. It left other visitors to the zoo scrabbling for the scene.

The video also showed the lion now becoming more aggressive inside the cage after tasting what was expected to be an evening meal. Eyewitnesses to the incident indicated that the first ring finger was bitten off by the beast.

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A lion Chewed off part of a Man’s finger in a zoo, any lessons for zoo keeper to learn?

This has even heightened tension in Ghana’s capital, Accra, following the decision of a businessman to host two tigers in his house. The issue has dominated social media and mainstream media, with the people within the vicinity calling for the tigers to be relocated.

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