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A jilted ex-boyfriend runs over his girlfriend, her daughter, and her new boyfriend (video)

A jealous ex-boyfriend of a lady did the unthinkable in South Africa.

The man who was jilted by her girlfriend decided to pay her back for punishing him emotional.

Reports had it that the suspect who is a Zimbabwean ex-boyfriend, ran over his ex-girlfriend, her daughter, and  her new boyfriend.



The three ( the former girl friend, the daughter and the  new boyfriend ) died on the spot causing anger and rage among the residents of the area.

A video which is attached below depicts the angry residents trying to lynched the suspect who was arrested and was in a police car.

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This can be described as love gone wrong. It is unthinkable and many are still wondering what was going through his mind when he decided to do what he did.

Many cannot stand heart break and this Zimbabwean man is one of them.

Please watch the video below.

By Robert

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